The US Constitution with Bill Moyers
30 min | 16mm | Color | 1987 | Docudrama
Directed & Produced by Lynn Hamrick
CINE Golden Eagle Award: Winner: 1987
InteInternational Film and Television Festival of New York: Gold Medal: 1987
American Film Festival: Blue Ribbon: 1987
Action for Children's Television Award: 1987
The US Constitution with Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers introduces this mini-series of six 30-minute programs in a documentary format, identifying its Constitutional theme and citing pertinent sections of the Constitution. Then the first part of a dramatic episode shows young people involved in a related problematic situation.
Moyers traces the Constitutional themes historical context and makes connections to the program's core ideas. The drama develops further, directly involving teenagers in a Constitutional issue they learn more about.
The dramatic episode is concluded but remains unresolved, raising key questions for post-viewing discussion and study. Dramatic segments produced and directed by Lynn Hamrick in association with AIT.
"From the opening logo to the final credits, the programs do rival the best PBS documentaries." — EITV (Educational Industrial Television)