Stanley Marshall's Myth
27 min | DV | Color | 2004 | Drama
Written, Directed & Produced by Lynn Hamrick
Method Film Festival Official Selection: 2006
Newport Beach Film Festival Official Selection: 2005: 2005
CANNES Short Film Corner: 2006: 2006
Stanley Marshall's Myth
Stanley Marshall is a man on the brink of suicide. As he wrestles with his inner demons, he conjures up the mythologies of his innocent childhood years. One by one, his small apartment is infiltrated by the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and finally the Tooth Fairy, as each in turn attempts to influence his decision in one direction, or the other. Part Capra, part Kafka, Stanley Marshall's Myth is based on a play by Kirsten Finberg Frazier.
Starring Robert Mandan, Dean Biasucci, Andi Carnick and Eric Cazenave.
"The short is wickedly dark in its humor, then turns bittersweet and surreal. Solid performances were given throughout, with Peter (Eric Cazenave) being my personal favorite. It was a very original journey into a suicidal mind, where one small thread of subconscious hope manifested itself in a most unexpected and desperate way." — IMDB Pro Opinions